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    USAA: Tushman Nadler Congruence Model Inputs

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    Please provide some information on the following using Nadler-Tushman:
    - Environment (factors for USAA)
    - Resources (internal factors for USAA)
    - Organizational history (USAA)
    - Strategy (USAA goals, objectives, and strategic initiatives)

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    - Environment (factors for USAA)
    The environmental factor for USAA is that there was a perception that US Army officers were high-risk group for car insurance. This has allowed USAA access to military segment. One of the strongest environmental factors that have affected USAA is the development and proliferation of internet. Most of the business of USAA is carried out over the internet. Instead of using insurance agents, USAA uses its own employees. Another environmental factor that has affected USAA is the growth of and the reliability of courier services. For example, USAA asks its banking customers to deposit checks with UPS so that they can be delivered to the company. The development and the growth of the online environment has been critical for the growth of USAA. People now use the internet and the telephone to shop and buy services. This environment has helped USAA ...

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