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    Marketing Research Practices for Competition

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    Begin conducting research now on Hewlett-Packard. After brainstorming on your company's industry and after your survey and questionnaire research information-gathering techniques, create a research profile proposal to deliver to your company's management that includes the following:

    State the specific research goal for the proposal.

    What is the company's current business problem?

    Who is the company's competition?

    Establish your population sample for researching customer attitudes and
    behaviors about the company and product.

    Identify the steps in the research process.


    Measure market demand and segment the market to achieve competitive advantage.
    Analyze markets and describe buying behavior.
    Discuss the marketing research process, including problem definition, research design, data collection, data analysis and the use of the results.

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    This study intends to determine the competitive position of Hewlett-Packard among a huge number of players in the industry. It will likewise explore the extent to which the company has developed its brand equity relative to competitors. Competitive position will be determined through its relative financial and marketing performance while brand equity will be assessed using a consumer-based approach or by taking the perspective of the consumers.

    With an aim of helping the company discover areas that need to be further strengthened in order to achieve competitive advantage, while building and maintaining a strong brand, the following research questions will be the focus of this research:
    1. What is the competitive position of Hewlett- Packard as to:
    1.1 market share and
    1.2 financial performance?

    2. Using the perspective of the consumers how may HP brand equity be described in terms of brand
    2.1 presence,
    2.2 relevance,
    2.3 performance,
    2.4 advantage/differentiation,
    2.5 esteem, and
    2.6 bonding?
    3. What is the attitude of the consumers toward the brand, the products, and the company as a whole?
    4. Is there a significant relationship between competitive position and brand equity of HP using the consumer-based approach?
    5. What problems are identified in relation to HP business performance along the ...

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    Marketing research practices for competition is examined.