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    Resarch Practices That Are of Questionable Ethics

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    1. Name some research practices that are of questionable ethics.

    Explain why you think they are questionable. Be sure to focus on Research Ethics.

    2.What benefits can be gained from case studies?

    What dangers, if any, are there in using case studies? In what ways are they useful?

    Support your answers

    3. Provide some examples of model building in your area of business specialization.

    How well are these formed? Are they used effectively? Support your answers

    4. How would you compare/contrast Case Studies with Ethnographic Research?

    What lessons might we learn from the Ethnographic Research literature?

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    Research practices can be useful or hinder the researcher in many ways, with questionable ethics one of many areas that should be taken into account. Research practices that are questionable ethics would be biased researchers, those with an invested interest in the outcome, or those that did not determine or plan for what information is needed could fall under this category. Having a researcher that is biased against say African people, would most likely create biased research information which would focus on what the researcher wants too and may bring about inaccurate information that would not provide the spectrum of information required - unless the researcher can look at the information without bringing in his or her own opinion into this information. Researchers that have a stake in the information obtained could also provide inaccurate information that would skew the accuracy of the end results and create more issues for the researcher then provide answers for them. Not clearly identifying the area of research or the demographic of whom to research will also create a mess for researchers and most likely be a waste of time and money implemented on this research. Research practices that are not scrutinized from the onset and clearly identified as to what the researcher is looking for or what is needed or wanted from said research will also provide information that would most likely not address the subject intended in the first place. Determining the goals of the research project in the first place will help to provide a path or focus for the researcher to follow and obtain hopefully all that is needed to make this research project a success. Having several involved in the research process will also provide various views and information that may create the best reliable information then say one researcher could provide, depending on the circumstances. Determining the ethical guidelines from the onset would be another way to create a defined plan to what is needed and how to go about obtaining the most accurate information ...

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