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    Questionable ethics in research

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    Name some research practices that are of questionable ethics. Explain why you think they are questionable. Be sure to focus on Research Ethics.

    Important Note: Please support your answer with external sources. The support must include all of the appropriate elements as identified in the APA Style Manual. I am looking for a longer, quality response. At least 10+ sentences.

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    I would have to use the following:

    Researchers often use children in studies. This should only be done with careful planning and the subjects should be protected. Only topics directly related to the children should be used. There are requirements for human subject research and the requirements for using children are more strident. These requirements and restrictions could have a researcher looking for ways to circumvent the system.

    Plagiarism is another ...

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    A discussion on some of the ethical issues in research including use of children, data source, and plagiarism.