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    Ethical Dilemmas in Research

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    A researcher on your team copies sentences from another study and incorporates them into the final written report for a project. What do you do?

    Ensure response includes:
    1) ways this problem might have been anticipated,
    2) how could it have been address it in the research proposal,
    3) and what boundaries researchers must work within and who sets them.

    Please support points made in answer these questions and provide referenced used.

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    1 This problem might have been anticipated if the other study dealt with the same or a similar subject. However, research papers are designed to add to knowledge not repeat what is already known. A literature review can legitimately summarize research papers, but not a research project.

    2 It could be addressed by including the the author of the copied study as a resource, a reference or even a co-author. In this way, other researchers can do further study by accessing that ...

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    This is a discussion of the value of giving appropriate credit in a research project report, and the ethical reasons for doing so.