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    Signficance of Gatekeepers in a Corporate Environment

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    Explain the significance of gatekeepers. Their role is to ensure that those who enter into the marketplace are
    playing by the rules, which will assist the market in running smoothly.

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    Dear Student,

    Your assignment asks you to explain the importance of gatekeepers in the marketplace. In an effort for you to understand the significance of gatekeepers, I would like to discuss a few companies/incidents that illustrate its significance. Consider companies such as Enron, World-com, Tyco, Rite Aid, Sunbeam, and Arthur Anderson. All of these companies were involved in some sort of financial corruption. All of these companies were implicated in some sort of ethically ...

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    This solution analyzes the role of gatekeepers in maintaining a level playing field in the marketplace and as a control mechanism for ethical behavior within corporations.