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    Statistics Comparison involving means

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    Safegate Foods, Inc., is redesigning the checkout lanes in its supermarkets throughout the country and is considering two designs. Tests on customer checkout times conducted at two stores where the new systems have been installed result in the following summary of the data. (see attached SafeGate file)

    Test at the .05 level of significance to determine whether the population mean checkout times of the two systems differ. Which system is preferred?

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    System A System B
    Sample Size (n) 120 100
    Mean 4.1 3.4
    Std Dev 2.2 1.5

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    1. Defining the Hypothesis
    Null Hypothesis: There is no difference between the mean time of system A and system B
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    This posting provides hypothesis testing for testing of mean checkout times of two different systems at Seagate Foods Inc.