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Crime Statistics for Detroit, Michigan

For Detroit, Michigan

What do the statistics indicate: has the crime rate increased or decreased in the past five years?

What do you think are the main reasons for the increase or decrease in the crime rate?

What type of crime is more prevalent?

What type of crime is least prevalent?

Explain the nature and extent of crime that is occurring in Michigan. How the crime statistics have changed over the years. How do they compare to national statistics? How big/small is the crime problem?

Explain why you think the crime picture is the way that it is by using at least two criminological theories.

Describe the major premise of the theory, who the theorists are who are associated with it, and then apply the theory to the crime problem(s).

Provide some action plans (strategies/programs) based on the theory you chose to help reduce crime Michigan

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The statistics indicate that the the crime rate in Detroit has decreased by about 24% in the past five years, and I believe that the main reasons for the decrease in the crime rate, is more effective proactive policing methodologies, as well as the fact that a great deal of the criminal element has moved out of the city, due to the detrimental economic situation in the city. Over 5000 property crimes take place in the city annually, in comparison to approximately 1900 violent crimes, which makes property crimes the ...

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Crime statistics for Detroit Michigan is provided. The main reasons for the increase or decreases in the crime rates are provided.