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    Writing Abstracts for Dissertations

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    1. Abstract: Make sure to include the following details here:
    a. Problem statement
    b. Subjects
    c. Methods and procedures used

    Topic: Violent Crimes

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    Detroit's violent crime rate continues to rise. It is the only American city to have this distinction. The former mayor of Detroit, David Bing says unemployment is over 60%, while half the city is "functionally illiterate." Few crimes are solved, and police forces have been cut more than half over the last ten years. In July, Detroit declared bankruptcy and became a ward of the state of Michigan.

    Other cities, however, are thriving, growing in population, see little crime and regular economic growth. Two examples are Charlotte, NC and Irvine, CA, also according to Forbes. The argument is that alienation is the cause of social decay in Detroit, and its lack the cause of the growth of other cities. In other words, we expect to see clear correlations between economic growth and mentally healthy citizens, as well as the reverse. This study proposes to connect such Detroit's self-destruction to social anomie, while connecting its lack to the rise of Irvine and Charlotte.

    About two-thirds of Detroit's population are headed by a single parent. 40% live below the poverty level. Detroit is the worst city in America by every possible measure, or so says Forbes magazine. These are signs of severe social decay and are causal relative to Detroit's ...

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