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Describing the Scientific Method of Research

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Describe the scientific method of research. Be sure to identify the key components, providing examples of each. Use external sources to support your answer.

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From [1],
1. Beginning: Explore stage, Literature survey, Finding a gap in research, selecting a research question
eg. Stock Market (Key Component: Defining the problem)

2. Formulate a hypothesis & alternative hypothesis
eg. Impact of economic crisis in Greece on Share Market indices
(Key Component: Your solution to the problem)

3. Identify potential variables ...

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The solution describes the scientific method of research.

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Analyze a recently published business research study (THE SCIENTIFIC PROCESS as described by Sekaran U. Research Methods for Business, Wiley & Sons.) selected from the academic literature. The comprehensive analysis should be framed against all the steps suggested in the Sekaran (2003) research process.

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