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    Scientific Methods: Philosophical Underpinnings

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    Demonstrate your understanding of the nature of the three major research methods by describing and comparing the foundations of quantitative and qualitative research for the following elements:scientific and philosophical underpinnings.

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    Scientific and Philosophical Underpinnings

    What is the scientific and philosophical underpinnings of quantitative research? Yates (2005) suggest that all scientific research methods look towards the philosophical position of empiricism. This is a theory of knowledge that basis conclusions via the use of experience and evidence via first-hand and validable accounts. In quantitative research we use primary sources, we use survey research and experimental research for example to quantify or ...

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    The solution is a short discussion that seeks to provide an answer to the task of describing and comparing the qualitative and quantitative research methods in relation to their scientific and philosophical underpinnings. References are listed for further research. 296 words with 5 references.