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Concept analysis to examine the concept of nursing

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Nursing as a science and an art has a unique perspective on patient interaction, as opposed to the profession of medicine. In performing a concept analysis, examine the attributes and activities that make nursing a unique profession from the perspectives of a doctoral prepared Nurse researcher; Nurse educator and Nurse Practitioner.

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The concept analysis to examine the concept of nursing is examined.

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Nursing is both an art and a science. While we rely on knowledge from the sciences to fuel our daily decision making, just like those in the profession of medicine, we appreciate the at of nursing. Nursing knowledge is gained from formal education, clinical practice, and research. The art of nursing is based upon things such as compassion, effective communication, and respect. The attainment of knowledge and value of nursing as an art is evident in all nursing practice including the doctoral prepared nurse researcher, nurse educator, and nurse practitioner.
Doctoral prepared nurse researchers possess a wide array of knowledge gleaned from the sciences and have the ability to translate that knowledge quickly and effectively to benefit patients in the daily demands of ...

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