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Value Ethics in Sociological Research

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Why do sociologists need to follow a code of ethics? What are some ethical concerns of sociological research? How might violation of research ethics affect you as a student, as a sociologist, and as a consumer?

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Hello again! I answered your question on ethics earlier this week and I think the article I attached then from the National Science Foundation has some of the answers to your question today.

Why do sociologists need to follow a code of ethics?
Sociologists need to follow a code of ethics for two important reasons: 1) because it's the moral thing to do; and 2) because the validity data gathered without attention to ethics is questionable.

Every research university in the United States (most likely) has a research code of ethics for any discipline that uses animal or human subjects. I say "most likely" because I can't imagine how any researcher would receive funding without having an institutional code of ethics. Again, refer back to the NSF article because I think the author discussed this. While I don't have adequate information to discuss academic research outside of the United States, I believe a code of ethics is the norm at universities worldwide because without ethics, the data is questionable.

The whole notion of ethics grew out of the Nuremberg Trials following WWII. If you want to familiarize yourself with this gruesome bit of history, here's the Wikipedia page on it: ...

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Ethics in sociological research and study is discussed and explored in this solution.

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