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Ethics in sociological research

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What are some ethical concerns of sociological research? Why do sociologists need to follow a code of ethics?

How would you use the different types of research design? What are some strengths and weaknesses of each? How might sociologists research culture?

How can a sociologist maintain objectivity when studying a group that he or she finds repugnant? (e.g., inmates convicted of rape or child molestation.)

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Examination of the types of research designs used by sociologists and their ethical implication with web references.

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The ethical concerns in sociological experiments are well reflected by the American Sociological Association's ethical guidelines:
1. Maintain objectivity and neutrality in research.
2. Respect the subject's right to privacy and dignity.
3. Protect subjects from personal harm.
4. Acknowledge collaboration and assistance.
5. Disclose all sources of financial support.

Experimenters must follow a code of ethics to ensure the safety and dignity of their subjects (people) ...

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