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Please help in completing a research proposal for a financial services industry (USAA). The outline must include details for each of the following 7 sections.

Questions for Surveys/Questionnaires/Interviews
Implications and Limitations



Definition of Terms


Literature Review.

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This is a basic outline for a research proposal. Since you have not identified the direction or topics you are focusing on, I could only guess and make some generalized set ups for the section. I have not completed the literature review, because I need to know what you would like to focus on with this proposal. That is very important in how the literature review is made up and presented. I am including the rest of the outline here, including some questions for two different types of surveys, one for customer service representatives, and one for customers.

Questions for Surveys/Questionnaires/Interviews

Implications and Limitations
The limitations of research using USAA is based in the narrow focus for their consumer base. Often these needs are specific to the group (military and veterans and their families) and can come with a narrow degree of offering help.

Another limitation is the actual information gathered through USAA is very general as their policies do not allow them to be more specific because of their population.
Implications can lead to the better servicing of customers in all financial services because the subjects of this company are very specific and their needs can be as well. This can focus on how the company approached individuals for service and offers specialized customer service, helping other companies to identify their own areas where improvements can be made.
By using USAA, there is already a bias involved because most people who know and/or use the company are military or have military in their families.

Since accessing actual clients will be difficult, the company policies and customer service agents will be available for surveys and questionnaires. Possibly inviting some customers to participate would take negotiation with the company. However the company employees in all the different financial and insurance areas can give insight into the products offered, the training the employees receive, and the customer feedback for their efforts. They should also be able to give us an idea of where the company could improve when dealing with customers, particularly veterans and older veterans and their needs.

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The solution assists with completing a research proposal for a financial services industry (USAA).

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