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3 examples of a survey and their purposes

What are 3 examples of a survey, and for what potential purpose could each be used?

Not only will you receive 3 examples, you will receive many more to help understand what types of surveys there are. In addition to providing you the different types of surveys you will receive full explanations and examples of their purpose to include internet reference links.

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There are numerous examples of survey's available on the internet. There are surveys where the surveyed gets paid for their opinion, there are surveys to get points to place toward a product or service, and then there are the good old fashion surveys that gather data for the specific purpose deemed by the surveyor. You asked for three examples I will provide many examples for you to choose from.

A demographic survey - surveys such as the recent national census bureau survey that is used to calculate the population in the United States. http://www.census.gov/

Family growth ...

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In this solution you will receive 3 examples of a survey and what each could be used for, but I didn't stop there. I went into depth and provided full explanations and examples of their purpose to better help you understand.