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    Discuss two organizational designs

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    Choose two of the eight organizational structures and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each using an organization(s). How does the social structure fit into these designs? Under what conditions might it be appropriate to choose the designs you selected?

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    There are eight organizational structures, for example, simple, functional, divisional (M-form), matrix, hybrid, strategic alliances and joint ventures, multinational and global organizations, network and virtual organizations.

    Simple Organizational Designs

    TheMotivators, Inc, is an educational company that develops and creates educational applications for children from 3rd grades and up, college students, and adults. It is a simple and highly organic company because of the nature of the flexibility in its design and with almost no hierarchy. According to Hatch & Cunliffe (2006), a simple organizational design is one that is "extremely small and/or highly organic (flexible, dynamic, de-differentiated, entrepreneurial stage) organizations often appear to have little ...

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    The organizational structure of a company refers to the hierarchy development, and the decision-making procedures use to achieve company goals. An organization can have a formal or informal design.