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    Six types of design for various organizations

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    · Write a paper in which you define design.

    · Compare and contrast the six types of design that are discussed in the assigned reading.

    · Discuss how design may effect various organizations.

    · Cite your sources of information.

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    In simple term, Design can be described as the thoughtful process that comprises the creation of a thing both at the individual as well as the organizational level. Andrew Hargadon has stated in his article 'Leading the Vision: Design of New Venture' that in the cotemporary business organizations, design has become a complicated phenomenon according to the changes in the technology, culture, demands and preference of the consumer, etc. (Hargadon, 2005). Design is related to almost all the fields of organization, such as products, process, organizational structure, manufacturing and production, etc. (Hirano, 2006).

    Various researchers have given different definitions of design as per their purpose. According to Laura Lewis, Design can be defined as the process of making products according to the needs of the environment to accomplish the daily task and to make the things look good (Combs, 2007). Thus, it can be said that design provides a competitive advantage to the firm to cope up with the cultural requirements with the help of innovative technological changes.

    Due to the globalization and introduction of innovative and transformative technologies, the cultural environment of the countries as well as the organizations has become changed. Strong and effective design of products attract the customers towards the offering of the various business organizations; on the other hand the designing based on the cultural of the different countries leads the organizations to gain the opportunities of the external environment of the business industries (Hirano, 2006).

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    The six types of design for various organizations are determined.