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    Quality Tools and Process Management

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    1. What role do quality tools play in process management?

    2. What continuous improvement methods does your organization employ?

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    Quality management

    1. What role do quality tools play in process management?

    Driven by more demanding customers, global competition, and slow-growth economies and industries, many organizations search for new ways to achieve and retain a competitive advantage. Past attempts have largely looked internally within the organization for improvement, such as reflected by quality management, reengineering, downsizing, and restructuring. The next major source for competitive advantage likely will come from more outward orientation toward customers, as indicated by the many calls for organizations to compete on superior customer value delivery. Although the reasons for these calls are sound, what are the implications for managing organizations in the next decade and beyond?

    Successful businesses understand the importance of improving their bottom line without comprising product and service quality. By implementing a standard approach to quality, with an effective Quality Management System, organizations can prevent costly product defects, supplier nonconformance, ineffective corrective actions, and sub-standard service.

    2. What continuous improvement methods does your organization employ

    Generally speaking, companies use Six Sigma to reduce variation in products and processes - but the net effect of any Six Sigma project is what ...

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