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1. What is a process? Identify some processes in an organization and briefly map each in terms of process inputs, outputs, and goals? Discuss the impact of process improvement in relation to a firm's strategic plan?

2. Briefly identify 2 - 3 quality management tools used in data collection? What types of quality management tools are utilized to make personal or business decisions? How does the company utilize these tools in the decision-making process?

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//As per the instructions, in this part, we will talk about the precise term of 'process' and some of the common processes that together turn input into output. In this segment, we will also discuss about the organizational processes in relation to the process inputs, output and goals. In addition to this, we will know about the impact of process improvement in relation to the strategic plan. I am just providing you a brief overview to enhance your knowledge.//

A 'Process' is defined as the compilation of the structured or inter-related actions, which are mainly pioneered, in order to produce a peculiar good & services or to achieve a specific result for the consumer of the process (What is a Process, 2008). In an organization, with the help of effective processes, we can persuade better results for an organization. The manufacturing process, new product development, consumer service, order realization and decision making are some of the common processes in an organization (Garvin, 1998).

In all the above mentioned processes, firstly; set of actions are framed, which transfer available inputs into outputs, as per the consumer wants that finally ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 673 words.