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Content and Functional Groupings

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Identify Content and Functional Requirements
Group and Label Content

"Include a summary of the content inventory. Add a section about how the content is grouped and named. Add the list of functional requirements with a summary, if you like. The content inventory should be included as an appendix to the design document."

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Step 1
Content Elements:
Copyright Notice:
Privacy Statement:
Membership rules:
Legal Terms &Conditions:
Payment Terms
Resolution Center
About Us:
Contact Us

Functional Requirements:
Member log-on pages:
Signup pages for email newsletters,
Swap Text books:
Reference for you:
Brainstorm Ideas
Online Text books:
Integration of servers and computers:
Design relational database management system:
Managing a wireless networking:
Best practices in Information Technology:

The content element gives the list of essential elements for the website. The content inventory includes all the elements including the functional elements. The content requirement has all the information assets on the website. The content requirement logs what is available on the website. ...

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This solution explains the content and functional requirements of a website. The sources used are also included in the solution.