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Durkheim, Tonnies and Lenski on Social Structure

What are the social structure described by Durkheim,Tonnies, and Lenski? How does it which comes closest to matching certain social setting of to day? Use the following terms in your explanation: status, role, primary group, and secondary group

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Social structure is a term used in the social sciences to refer to patterned social arrangements which form the society as a whole, and which determine, to some varying degree, the actions of the individuals socialized into that structure. The meaning of "social structure" differs between various fields of sociology. On the macro scale, it can refer to the system of socioeconomic stratification (e.g., the class structure), social institutions, or, other patterned relations between large social groups. On the meso scale, it can refer to the structure of social network ties between individuals or organizations. On the micro scale, it can refer to the way norms shape the behavior of actors within the social system

Tönnies distinguished between two types of social groupings. Gemeinschaft - often translated as community (or left untranslated)- refers to groupings based on feelings of togetherness and on mutual bonds, which are felt as a goal to be kept up, their members being means for this goal. ...

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This solution discusses Durkheim, Tonnies and Lenski's theories of social structure and which one coincides best with out society today.