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    Discussion of moving from a modern to postmodern society

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    Concerning the social change and the future this IP explores views of social change and its impact on individuals, social institutions, the world of work and society.

    Using the assigned readings as a basis for your understanding, respond to the following (be specific):

    What were the main concerns of Tonnies, Marx, Durkheim, and Weber on the future?
    What is modernity? What is Postmodernity? What difference does it make for the individual and society if we're moving into the "postmodern age"?
    What proposals have been offered, or are being offered, to make the transition from modern to postmodern society less stressful on individuals, families, and the workplace?

    What will life in the U.S. be in 10 years? What will the world of work be like in the next 10 years? Both questions go hand-in-hand. And right now, as you read this, social change is going on, and, unlike change that has always been with us, social change is accelerating at a rapidly growing pace. Here is a link on the future of work from a think-tank whose job is to make assumptions about the future, the Rand Corporation, that may help you along with this Unit 4 DB.


    Also chapter 24 of Sociology Book by Macionis, John. See attachment.

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