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Modernism & Post-modernism

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Give an analysis of what is meant by the terms modernity and post-modernity? How are these concepts reflected in landscape? What examples of modern and postmodern landscapes can be found in your local community? What makes them modern and postmodern? Does there appear to be a transition from one to another?

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The solution is an 899-word essay that explains the concepts of modernism and post-modernism with examples of observations of said concepts expressed in the community. Transition between both concepts is also discussed. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing, references are listed for expansion/further research.

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Hello and thank you for using Brainmass. The solution below should get you started. It answers the questions you posted and provides references to give you room for further research. I can only make assumptions about your current landscape though and this is reflected in this solution. Good luck on your studies. If you ever need further assistance with this problem, feel free to leave a comment in the feedback section and I'll see what I can do.

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Modernism & Postmodernism

I would like to begin this solution by referring to one of my essays on the subject matter to differentiate modernism and postmodernism (Jones, 2009):

"Modernity simply refers to 'now' - a period that is post-medieval and post-traditional. A modern thought is something that is influenced by trends of the 'now' in the a world that is industrialized, secularized, globalized where nation-states organize a socio-legal order of citizenship and identity & adaptations of socialism, capitalism and social democracy are practised. Intellectually speaking, modern thought is characterized by influences of the philosophies from the Age of Enlightenment through the late 20th century. Sociologically speaking then the individual and the society living in the modern definition belong to an industrial civilization where their thoughts and ideas sees the world as subject to human transformation and their political organization as well as their economic and socio-political progress can allow and support the transformations that they see fit. A modern person practices individuation yet sees society ...

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