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Post-modernism, technocracy, management styles, systems theory

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1. Briefly explain how post-modernism has affected organizations.
2. Describe the concept of the problem of technocracy.
3. During a job interview or any type of professional development interaction, you might be asked to share your management style. Being able to explain your own management style can be a productive way to enhance your skills. Plus, by identifying the individual components of a management style, you can recognize the management style of others, which allows you to function well within a management style that may be different than your own. Briefly explain your management style.
4. Explain how a public administrator should use systems theory. Consider using examples to support your response.

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The solution discusses post-modernism, technocracy, management styles, and systems theory.

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Organizations use different structures for processing their business continuity, in which the senior management team constantly measures productivity to assure any needed new direction is warranted. The business initiative is staying current on organization and technology that sustains their competitive edge within the targeted demographic.

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1. Briefly explain how postmodernism has affected organizations.

Postmodernism's impact on organization is on the balancing of complex strategic approaches to organizing internal resources and servicing consumers within a constantly changing society. In adapting to the changing cultural elements, the business organization strives in being relevant as well as social responsibility with the branding message. The business core objective is in defining the hierarchies and levels of responsibilities that manages the internal resources ranging from substances to actual staff that fosters the company's mission and vision. In doing so, the business organization utilizes a matrix of hierarchy's setup framework for implementing development of knowledge base programs to sustaining ...

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