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Comparing Post-modernism, Modernism and Theism

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Compare Post-modernism, Modernism and Theism on the following four dimensions: Human Nature, Free Will (autonomy), View of Reason, and View of Progress.

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Compare Post-modernism (PM), Modernism (M) and Theism (TH) on four dimensions: Human Nature, Free Will (autonomy), View of Reason, and View of Progress:

1. Human Nature

PM: Humans are, purely material machines. We live in a purely physical world. Nothing exists beyond what our senses perceive.

M: No opinion on this issue, but suspicious of such dogmatic claims to knowledge.

TH: Humans are the only beings on earth created in the image of God. They ...

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This solution compares three perspectives on several dimensions. Specifically, the perspectives of post-modernism, modernism and theism are compared on the following dimensions: human nature, free will (autonomy), view of reason, and view of progress.

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