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    Matisse's "Le Bohneur de Vivre" as focal piece

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    Select one artist from the list, and consider the social message in his art. How did that artist use the radical formal experiments of Modernism to make a statement?

    Choose from:
    Matisse, Le Bonheur de Vivre
    Kirchner, Self-Portrait of Soldier
    Kandinsky, COmposition VII
    Picasso, Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
    Dali, The Persistence of Memory
    Pollock, Autumn Rhythm

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    First of all, as you briefly select one artist from the list and consider the social messages embedded within this art, you might choose Matisse's "Le Bohneur de Vivre" as your focal piece. Since its radical formal experiments of Modernism boldly make a statement within this art, you might also look at its English title for additional implied meanings with "The Joy of Life" translation. For your reference, its image ...

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    Matisse's "Le Bohneur de Vivre" is highlgihted as a focal piece.