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    Henri Matisse's painting, "La Danse,"

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    Pick an artist and one work.

    Use 3 recently published scholarly books and 3 scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles.

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    As an avid dance fan, I recommend Henri Matisse's painting, "La Danse (I)," for you to research. Its image is located at

    In terms of articles, the first one comes from ALASTAIR, M. (2011, July 15). "Always Moving, Always Frozen." New York Times. p. 26. Retrieved from EBSCOhost..

    The article shows that ''La Danse'' is a masterpiece due to its incorporation of movement. Matisse positions five nude women as they "create an image of primeval dance as they circle before an empty blue sky and a green grass sward." The article shows that many critics favor Degas's paintings, drawings and sculptures of dance, but Matisse's piece offers aesthetic implications.

    Another article for you to explore is "Danse Drama." (2000). ARTnews, 99(7), 86. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

    This article provides a historical ...

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    Henri Matisse's painting, "La Danse," is examined in terms of impact. References are also provided to further validate the findings.