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    Cubism and Surrealism

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    From images in your background assignments, pick a work of art from this time period (1907-1973) that catches your eye. It can be one that reminds you of an event from your own life or otherwise gets some kind of emotional reaction from you. Introduce your report with some information about the artist, how the work you chose reflects the values of one or another of the styles from that period, and any other information that helps us understand the work. Then explain what exactly about this work of art catches your eye and/or what events in your own life it reminds you of. Be sure to either include the image itself or a link to it in your text.

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    As you select a piece of art that captivates you, I love John Sloan's painting, entitled, "The Green Dance Dress," from 1946. Because this painting definitely suggests grace, eloquence, feminism, and a sense of movement with the figure's pose and posture, it is elegant to me. I also like the theme of dance since I have taken dance lessons all my life and still teach it. I am also an avid dance fan and watch nearly every dance show on television!

    Furthermore, I also think that dance is such an important form of expression for humans, so I love the topic of this art. Its image is located at ...

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    A piece from Cubism or Surrealism is offered for brief analysis.