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    Perspectives—modern, symbolic interpretive, and postmodern

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    Illustrate your understanding of the three theoretical perspectives—modern, symbolic interpretive, and postmodern

    • Why is a multiple perspectives approach to organization theory important?
    • Compare Tsoukas and Knudsen's Introduction to the Hatch and Cunliffe introduction. Do these authors agree?

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    According to Hatch & Cunliffe (2006), a multiple perspectives approach to organization theory is important since it exhibits movement allowing for changes within the environment. Adapting to the changes is the key to this approach for functional stability such as societal, political, technical and economic changes.

    According ...

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    Organizational theory comprises of three perspectives: the modern, the symbolic-interpretive, post-modern. Each perspective has a different approach to managing an organization. Modern perspective develops rules that allow an organization to function smoothly. Symbolic-interpretive perspective use experiences and focuses on meaning and understanding of the context. Post-modern perspective is indecisive with philosophical positions.