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Self Identity

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Comparing traditional, modern, and postmodern views in terms of self and identity and gaining value.

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There are varied ways in which we can discuss the notion of identity. While it might seem though that self-identity in Philosophy is different from the sociological notion, they are quite related when viewed via the traditional, modern and post-modern perspectives. At a critical viewpoint, self-identity traditionally is seen at a third person perspective - P. Ricouer's 'Idem Identity' concept - the idea of belonging to a group or sharing sameness with other individuals. When we say traditional we are exploring concepts that have a sociological implication as sameness is all about being a part of a culture and engaging in all its practices and traditions. Therefore, one's economic capacity ensures one's place in society and from this self-identity comes, traditionally speaking. This is how ...

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The solution concisely and comprehensively discusses the notion of Self Identity from a socio-philosophical viewpoint touching traditional, modern and postmodern perspectives. References are provided as the solution is in the form of a short essay following the APA-format.

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