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the self as it pertains to social psychology

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This job describes the self as it pertains to social psychology.

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An outline is presented to overview the concept of self.

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The self
A) the body
B) social identity (name, group membership, etc.)
C) active agent involved in making decisions
Self-guides - various representations of how we should and shouldn't be
Ought-self - how we ought to be
Ideal-self - the perfect us
Functions of self
A) interpersonal tool - understanding of yourself in the relationships you keep
B) to make choices - self contains morals, preferences, and priorities
C) self-regulation - take care of body, relationships, etc.
Self-reference effect - any information pertaining to the self is processed more thoroughly

Public-self - where and how you work, how you view yourself with others
Private-self - decision making, self-esteem and perception, view of who you are
Collective-self - group memberships and activities
Collectivist societies - pressure conformity and development of the collective self
Tight societies - strong demand for conformity of in group norms, development of public and collective
Complex cultures - public self is important due to ...

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