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    Humanistic theory

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    I have been asked to Indicate the theoretical orientation with which I am most comfortable or most interested, and explain why this particular theory interests me.
    I have chossen to discuss (humanistic theory). I need to be able to answer: Are there any topics about personality that are intuitively important to you that your selected theory does not cover well?
    Can you help me focus on this theory for this for this group discussion? I also need to locate and evaluate two resources related to the humanistic approach. I can reference books, online workshops, journal articles, Web sites, or professional organizations.

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    Humanistic theory is a theory that regards every individual as unique and worthy of respect and sees human development as being guided by a variety of basic needs; including the need for achieving one's full potential. These needs influence development throughout life. For Maslow, these needs range from survival related needs to the need for self-actualization. For Rogers, these needs encompass the effort to become a fully functioning person.

    Critics of humanistic theory generally believe that it is overly idealistic. It does not give insight into the dark side of human nature. Humanistic theory makes generalizations about humans that many see as incomplete. The theory states that all people are fundamentally good. However it does not explore whether or not some people are simply ...

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    A discussion of humanistic theory is provided in this solution. There is also information on two sources that relate to the humanistic approach.