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Contrasting various personality theories

Please help me clarify some information about what Freud and Maslow say about humans on a more philosophical level and Carl Rogers humanistic theory/approach to psychotherapy. I am stuck on the following questions:

1. What are the major differences between the psychodynamic and humanistic theory?

2. Between psychodynamic and humanistic theory - Which better explains personality and why?

3. Is one theory better than the other?

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Major Differences between the psychodynamic theory and the humanistic theory:
With psychodynamic theory, behavior is explained in terms of past experiences and motivational forces. This theory views actions as stemming from inherited instincts, biological drives and attempts to resolve conflicts between personal needs and social requirements. Therapists who practice this theory tend to look at individuals as the composite of their parental upbringing. Humanistic theory regards people as unique and self-determined and ...

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The folliwng solution contrasts pyschodynamic theory with humanistic theory. It also includes a discussion of which one better explains personality.