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    Exitential and Humanistic Psychology Perspectives

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    Appendix C

    Match the psychological theories with the appropriate statement(s):

    __Psychodynamic Theory __Trait Theory

    __Learning Theory __Sociocultural

    __Humanistic Theory

    A. Individualism versus collectivism

    B. Popular theorist Eysenck initiated the five-factor model.

    C. The healthy personality is found in balancing the social self with the individual self.

    D. Genetics determine the traits for a healthy personality, but how those traits are expressed are influenced by learning experiences, development of skills, and the ability to choose our own actions.

    E. Popular theorists include Maslow and Rogers.

    F. Popular theorists include Freud, Jung, and Erikson.

    G. Social and cultural factors such as ethnicity, gender, culture, discrimination, and socioeconomic status influence one's sense of self and his or her adjustment to society.

    H. Taken from the European philosophy of Existentialism

    I. Focus on the individuals' capacity to build knowledge and adapt to the environments around them. Includes behaviorism and social-cognitive theory.

    J. Personality is characterized by a struggle between different elements within an individual's personality. Behavior, thoughts, and emotions are the result of this inner struggle.

    K. Consists of five major personality factors which are reasonably stable elements of personality. These factors include extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness to experience.

    L. Popular theorists include Pavlov and Skinner.

    M. Idea of the healthy personality is the ability to love and work.

    N. A healthy personality means knowing one's self, making authentic choices which are consistent with goals, and the capability of making real changes in their lives.

    Choose two to three of the personality theories discussed in your text and write a detailed summary comparing and contrasting the theories you have chosen.

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    Existential Theory focuses of what it means to be alive. In a therapeutic setting, for instance with a client who has personality disorder either mood-related to a combination of social maladjustment and atypical interactions with others, the therapist might ask the client a simple question such as this: what does it mean to be alive, for you?

    It is a liberating approach since it enables a person to focus on the self in relation to the world around her/him self. And thereby, ...