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Human Development

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How could you relate constructive developmental theory to the humanistic perspective, with the opinion/idea that the humanistic theory explains human development the best (versus other theories)?

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This solution compares Constructive Developmental Theory to a Humanistic perspective.

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The Constructive Development Theory draws from principles of human development such as those posed by Piaget (1963) and Erickson (1963) in which people develop within stages. From this perspective, the view is held that people are not static, but ever-changing and growing. On this basis as it relates to health, from a developmental perspective the individual is stated to have a natural tendency toward optimum health (Erikson, 2006). The Humanistic perspective emphasized the personal worth of individuals and focused on the centrality of human values (Friedman & Schustack, 2006, p. 319). Thus, according to Friedman & Schustack, the humanistic approach applied to the individual focused on the positive aspects of human growth and achievement. For instance, the person-centered approach ...

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