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Importance of Ethnic identity

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For many people, ethnic identity is an important part of their sense of self. Jean Phinney (1992) has developed a measure of ethnic identity that is relevant to diverse ethnic groups. This questionnaire enables students to think about the importance of ethnic identity in their own lives. Review Phinney's (1992) questionnaire.

1. Why do members of minority groups more often feel their ethnic identity is an important part of who they are, as compared to members of majority groups?
2. How does ethnic identity develop?
3. How is ethnic identity the same and different from other aspects of the self-concept?
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Minority groups are unfortunately identified by their ethnicity amidst the majority in regard to housing, jobs, schools, and other forms of access wherein in many societies across the globe, and particularly in America, minorities face challenges that the majority doesn't face. Therefore, whether the minority wants ...

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The solution explains the feeling of connection and identity a strong sense of ethnicity can bring to immigrants in 243 words with a link for further reading.

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