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Identity Development in Adolescence

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I am writing the final draft of my paper and would like to know some examples of possible future areas of research on the topic. Thank you!

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Researchers often suggest areas for future research in their articles in the conclusion and discussion sections, so that is a good place to begin as these are areas that will extend the present knowledge. I located four suggested areas for future research to consider.


1. In a study related to identity and seld-efficacy, Dale, F., Schunk, H., & Meece, J. L. (2007) suggest future research-especially longitudinal research-investigating the course of self-efficacy development from childhood to early adulthood and suggest ways that parents, teachers, counselors, and others who work with adolescents can help to foster their self-efficacy and skill development (http://www.des.emory.edu/mfp/AdoEd5.html).

2. Ethnic Identity. Regarding its linkages to student achievement, self-concept, and behaviors, ethnic identity development should be ...

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Referring to the topic of identity development in adolescence, this solution provides assistance on identifying and examining four areas for future research. Empirically supported.

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