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Internal sex offender traits versus general sex offender traits

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In addition to sharing the title, I need to provide a brief overview of the article, identifying the topic, research question, and hypothesis or adopted perspective; a brief summary of data collected; and the study's findings. Further, I need to provide a thorough analysis of the limitations of the study, suggestions for improvement, and its implications for Child Protective Services (CPS). Do you think you can assist me?

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The topic of this research article was trying to find a way to understand internet sex offenders better by creating a personality profile. The research question is whether internet sex offenders are have different personality traits than general sex offenders in an effort to better understand sex offender profiles. The article explains that this has historically been difficult to do because they tend to be very similar in regards to personality traits, criminal and life history as compared to the general public but within group can be very different with a lot of complexities. Furthermore, studies on internet criminals have focused on white collar crimes as opposed to sex offenses so there is not a lot of research out there helping us form a profile of internet sex offenders. The internet has created a new type of sex offender. With the huge international problem of the internet aiding or being the vessel in perpetrating sex crimes, it is imperative to gather evidence ...

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Evaluates a research study on whether internet sex offenders have different personality traits than general sex offenders.