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Sex Offenders and Treatment Approach

I need a brief description of the research article entitled: Therapeutic Responses of Psychopathic Sexual Offenders Treatment Attrition, Therapeutic Change, and Long-Term Recidivism.

It needs to include the type of sex offender and treatment approach.

Then, would you please explain which treatment outcome model (recidivism) to measure program success and why?

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(1) Brief description of the research article.

The type of sex offender involved 156 Psychopathic sex offender. Psychopathic offenders are reported to be at particular risk. The study was built upon the findings of Looman, Abracom, Serin, and Marquis, 2005 as cited in Oliver & Wong, 2013). Looman et al conducted a study with a sample of 154 sex offenders to examine the relationship psychopathic treatment -program behavior and risk reduction for violent recidivism (returning to confinement for violent offenses. To examine the relationship between risk reduction and violent recidivism, the process involved the following tasks:

- Homework assignments
- Therapeutic tasks
- Risk-reduction techniques

Therefore based on global appraisals by psychologists at post treatment using comprehensive treatment measures, the study. "Therapeutic Responses of Psychopathic Sexual Offenders Treatment, Attrition, Therapeutic change and Long-Term Recidivism" revealed that psychopathic offenders with good treatment programs behavior ratings were higher than those with poor treatment ratings but non-significant in terms of violent recidivism rates. Olver and Wong (2009) conducted factor analyses to examine whether therapeutic change was associated with reductions in recidivism after controlling for a personality disorder measured by the PCL-R. The psychometric research supported the reliability of the VRS-SO and its ability to predict validity for sexual violence. The ...

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This solution discusses the effectiveness of the VRS-SO model for the reduction of recidivism rates for sex offenders. 824 words with references.