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    Article Summary - Male Adolescent Sex Offenders

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    As you formulate your paper, please allow my notes to initiate some ideas:

    Lakey's article informs about the increase of sexual crimes by children against children. Although the issue is quite a significant social taboo issue, Lakey uncovers truths about this growing epidemic.

    First, Lakey offers data about the increase in treatment centers for juvenile sex offenders. To illustrate, Lakey suggests that "treatment centers for youthful sex offenders mushroomed from 20 nationally in 1982 to about 650 now (inpatient and outpatient), according to Gail Ryan, director of the National Adolescent Perpetrators Network, affiliated with the University of Colorado (Lakey, 1993). Lakey also uses research to show that early intervention is critical since most adult offenders begin their crimes as teens.

    As a result, Lakey's article aims to offer a generalized profile about male adolescent sex offenders and also some treatment approaches.

    First, Lakey cites empirical research to describe typical offenders. However, the profile is difficult since it is often "a combination of what experts have traditionally perceived to be 'normal' plus abnormal behavior patterns."
    The article then compares and contrasts notions of 'normal' and 'abornomal' in terms of adolescent behaviors.

    While normal teens "seek the company of agemates, and though an offender may sincerely wish for pleasurable peer relationships," Lakey cites Kahn and Lafond ...

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