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Internet Crimes

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I need help on finding three peer-reviewed articles on internet related crimes and then I need to write about them or I think paraphase them in about 250 words a piece. The professor was not very clear on this but that is what I will do on this question. Also I need help in using it in APA style

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The internet has provided a new conduit for promoting illicit sexual activity with children. The online sexual crimes directed towards children were called internet crimes against children. The study examines how internet opens a gateway to crime against children. The research carried out a study of 225 cases. The researchers found that media is seen as a critical source of information for the public making it aware of how the internet is being used to commit sexual exploitation and sex crimes against children (Finkelhor .D, & Mitchell .k, 2004),.

In most of these cases the victims were 13 to 15 year old teenage girls who were contacted through the internet chat rooms. The offenders communicated that they were adults and were interested in sexual relationships with the girls. The victims met and had sex on more than one occasion. The victims felt that they had developed close bonds with the offenders. In very small number of cases was violence used. Parents, media, and health care personnel need to be aware of the existence of these online relationships. Internet safety should be given greater importance by educators and parents. The adolescents should be explained the inappropriateness of these relationships and how these could harm the development of the young person. The young person should be warned of the criminal nature of the relationships. Further, the health ...

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