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Internet sites to use to research juvenile committed crimes

Details: There has been growing concern in the city that during the last decade, juveniles (persons under 18) have been responsible for a rising share of violent crimes. You realize that you need to address this issue with the city council.

Choose one of the following crimes: aggravated assault, forcible rape, murder, grand theft auto, or robbery. Research the Library and Internet for crime statistics for that particular crime in your state over the last decade. Gather and compile the statistics for your crime. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that includes graphs showing the percent of all crimes committed each year by persons under the age of 18 over the past decade.

Make certain each graph is labeled by crime and state (e.g. Juvenile Murder Rate-Illinois) and the source of the information is identified.

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Your assignment is comprehensible and rather simple, but it requires a lot of attention. First of all, take a look to the possible sources of data that you can find on the Internet and in your library. This will help you select the type of crime you want to discuss.

Here are some sources I could find (I have randomly selected the New York State):

US Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice ...

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