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    Contrast between juvenile delinquent punishment past/present

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    Peter is a 14-year-old boy living in New York in the year 1870. Peter has stolen a horse and has been arrested by local law enforcement.

    Discuss what life may have been like for Peter as a young person in America at this time. How were young people treated in everyday life, and how were their criminal actions handled? How would Peter's punishment be different as compared to an adult who was arrested for the same crime?

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    Peter would have been fortunate as he lived in a state that opened the first House of Refuge specifically designed for juvenile offenders. Therefore, unlike other juvenile offenders in some states the juvenile would have at least been afforded the comfort of knowing that he would not be placed amidst adult criminal offenders in a cell to most probably be abused in some sort of manner. Life for Peter during this time would have revolved around how children were viewed at this time in history, which was a view of children as little adults. Schools were available, but ...