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    Job Description for Marketing

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    Explain in at least one paragraph that lists the marketing-related roles you would need filled. Can you explain in two paragraphs describing one of the marketing roles in more detail. Also explain to me what Craft a high-level job description that identifies the activities that will be completed, the skills required, and the level of supervision needed. explaining what ethical and legal expectations and standards both of the product and marketing personnel assigned does.

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    Some of the marketing related roles that needs to be filled are Marketing managers, marketing research personnel, competitive analyst, marketing executives or sales reps for different areas/ regions, brand managers, advertising managers, Public Relations person, etc.

    Marketing management spans a range of positions, including the vice president of marketing, marketing manager, sales manager, advertising manager, promotion manager, and public relations manager. Marketing managers work with product development and market research managers to develop the firm's detailed marketing strategies. Sales managers direct the efforts of sales professionals by assigning territories, establishing goals, developing training programs, and supervising local sales managers and their personnel. Advertising managers oversee account services, creative services, and media services departments. Promotion managers direct promotional programs that combine advertising with purchase incentives in order to increase the sales of the firm's goods or services. Public relations managers conduct publicity programs and supervise the specialists who implement them.

    Let us describe marketing research position in detail:

    Marketing researchers interact with managers to define problems and identify the information needed to resolve them. They design research projects, prepare ...

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    Explain in at least one paragraph that lists the marketing-related roles you would need filled.