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Discuss job-based and people-based approaches to compensation

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Job analysis usually begins with a detailed review of information previously collected to develop a framework for further analysis. Although prior information related to a job (major responsibilities, task dimensions, etc.) may exist, it may no longer be accurate; clarification of existing information may be necessary. Identify one particular job title within Time Warner. Analyze the job description and describe whether or not the information is still accurate or in need of further clarification. Discuss the steps you take to perform an in-depth job analysis (What type of information would you collect? How would you collect it? Etc.). How do you think your job analysis would stand up to various criteria for judging the analysis? Given this type of reflection, discuss your opinion on the value of performing a job analysis.

? Now consider the job-based and people-based approaches to compensation. Discuss which structure you would recommend for Time Warner.

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Job Analysis is an important part of any organization as it provides significant information about the job. It defines the duties and responsibilities of an employee and the skills and qualifications required for a particular job. Job analysis includes the two important components, job description and job specification.

Job analysis aims at proper organization and planning of manpower resources, assistance in recruitment, selection, training, performance appraisal, wage and salary administration etc. It includes the details of the title of the job, features of the job, materials and equipments required for the job, task of the employee, required skills, future opportunities related to the job and the way in which the job should be performed (Job Analysis, 2007).

Time Warner is one of the best media and Entertainment Company. Here, the marketing manager of the company has many responsibilities. Integrated marketing manager in Time Warner is responsible for all the activities related to advertising. He also makes integrated market proposals and conceptualizes these proposals with the needs and requirement of the market. He is the person who develops various strategies to accomplish the market research and evaluate the customer database. He also assists a marketing team and gives presentations to the clients about their marketing services. He also develops a mutual ...

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The solution discusses job-based and people-based approaches to compensation. Time Warner is analyzed