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Sales Representative Duties

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I need help creating the following for creating charts and information demonstrating the following:
1. The first part of the project deals with reorganizing the sales department of the Southeast Region for Montage Foods. Sales Representative duties are being reorganized along customer lines (Each Sales Rep will have only one customer) versus their current territory configuration.

2. The project deals with a merger of the Marketing Department of two business. As a result of the merger, their are seven redundant positions in the Marketing department. Your job as HR Director is to make recommendations to assemble the best and strongest marketing team. You will make recommendations that determine who remains with the new combined company and who will receive severance packages and outplacement. You can offer people different positions than the ones they currently hold with their respective organizations. Your goal is build the strongest department possible.

3. A job analysis questionnaire for your current or previous job and then prepare a job description for that position.

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