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Describing Positions of Sales Representatives

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The original oldest form of direct marketing is field sales call. No one debates the importance of the sales force in its marketing program. However, the term "sales representative" covers a broad range of positions, tasks, and responsibilities. List and briefly describe each of the "positions."

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Sales Rep. Positions, Listed and Described

Generally speaking; a salesperson is anyone who represents a company and showcases and sells its product(s). The type of positions available to a sales representative is and can be significant. Some more involved sales jobs usually require A Bachelor's degree, as is the case with prescription drug and OTC medicine sales to physicians. Sometimes, products are more general and may not require a four-year degree to sell the product. For instance one can be a sales representative for a car dealership, a company that makes widgets, or sells paint. But, as with any sales job one needs to be personable, and know the product well. Also, bring persistent sometimes help to.

Individual, Incoming, Informal Phone Sales Rep. One who takes incoming calls for a company. Let's say this company is Putnam Investments. A retired participant calls and wants to pull the money out of his 401K plan, so he can avoid paying the annual fee to be in the plan. This ...

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