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Potential Benefits Of Networking

Can you please tell me the potential benefits of networking and why it is important. If you are seeking an operations management position, how can networking enhance your career plans and job search? and resources that are available to assist you in establishing a professional network and improving your networking skills

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Networking is probably one of the most important, if not the most important, skills that a professional should have. I should break down its benefits in two folds.

(1) Passing through the "Gate Keeper": In most job positions, including operations management position of course, HR representatives are the ones to screen applicants' resume. Facing hundreds or sometimes thousands of resume, their job is to screen "out" applicants. In most cases today, job applications are submitted online. HR representatives have different layers of filters that can help them screen "out" applicants. If you don't have a connections with HR representatives, the chance that your resume will even be "viewed" by ...

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This solution of 450 words lists two main benefits of networking and two main techniques of establishing networks with specific examples.