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benefits and drawbacks of using social networking

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What are some benefits and drawbacks of using social networking? What will be the most influential emerging technology for business over the next five years? Why?

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Social networking has emerged as a new tool for companies to complement their marketing strategies. Social networking enhances brand visibility, allow companies to reach closer to their customers, interact with them directly and gather valuable opinions and feedbacks. Further, the cost of ...

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What are some benefits and drawbacks of using social networking? What will be the most influential emerging technology for business over the next five years? Why?

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Benefits and drawbacks of internet recruiting

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Five years ago, online recruiting was only good for filling specialized technical positions. Today it's an integral part of the recruiting strategy for companies of all sizes and many industries. It's a fast, convenient way to find potential candidates, and it's cheaper than using newspaper ads or employment agencies. And because there are no space constraints, Web want ads can be any length, giving even the smallest companies the opportunity to craft clever ads that will capture the interest of prospective candidates (WorkForce, 2012)

I (Kahlen) have been looking for jobs for a few months. I have looked online @ craigslist and set my resume through sites such as Monster and CareerBuilder. According to the text book on page 150 it shows an iPhone that allows someone to search nearly 2 million jobs on Careerbuilder.com. I know personally how this works because I too have an account with CareerBuilder through my Gmail account and when a potential job opens up it is sent to my email which notifies me through my phone. You are able to read the job title, description and the location. Employer's user other forms of social network such as Twitter , Face book and LinkedIn. There is even a website called www.goto.jobs.com and its a one click feature that allows an applicant that is seeking a specific job at a certain company full and direct access to the company's website (Dessler, 2103).

I believe web site recruiting generates more responses quicker because almost everyone has a computer or a laptop. Even if they don't they can find access to a computer (school, library). However, certain people such as certain minorities and older people do not have access or use the internet, so online recruiting can exclude disproportionate numbers of older people and minorities (Dessler, 2013). Secondly, internet overload becomes a problem because employers end up deluged with resumes (Dessler, 2013). I find online recuiting hard because I have sent numerous applications via internet and have heard little back. I have gotten more bites and feed back when I reply to a job posting on craig's list. Im not to sure how frequently employers check resumes posted online. I also find it to be a long drawn up process. I have to sign on to a website such as CareerBuilder.com, set up an account, obtain a user name and password, fill out my information, attach my resume, all while trying to navigate the web site, understand the job position and requirements (its not always clear), and sometimes I cant find a specific person or number to call to follow up.

One thing I do like about internet recruiting is- they will send you a list of job positions that have just opened up making it easier to walk in personally and grab an application. Also resumes stay on the internet longer, allowing an employer to contact you in later months if needed.

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